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Krissi Hutchinson

Krissi Hutchinson

Network Technology Coordinator

I don’t think there is any better job than working with children, teachers, and technology. Which means that I have the best job at Ascent. I began my career at Ascent as a classroom teacher. I loved being a classroom teacher and utilizing technology to engage and create enthusiasm for learning. As time passed I grew into the role as the Network Technology Coordinator where I am passionate about utilizing technology to help our students succeed.

As a young girl, my parents brought home our first computer a Radio Shack Tandy personal computer. It was big, slow, and required floppy disks to do anything. I loved that computer and over time my passion and interest in technology grew. My love of technology has provided interesting experiences as a web designer, freelance writer, and creator all of which I did while my children were small.

As my children grew I returned to school earned my BS in Elementary Education and started working as an elementary teacher at a technology-based charter school. Later, I accepted a position at Ascent because I had experience with SEM and feel that allowing students to take diverse paths while learning benefits the curious, creative, and rule breakers of tomorrow. While at Ascent I earned a Masters in Technology and Learning.