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Covid-19 Ascent Updates


Update March 17, 2020

Dear Families:

At this link, you will find the information for the SEM mini projects for students to work on at home this week:
If you need any support on these, set up a time to communicate with your child's teacher via telephone or video chat for Wednesday or Thursday.  If you haven't already, you should be getting an email from your child's teacher about how to sign up for a phone or video chat time.  You can also come to the school office Wednesday morning and pick up a printed copy of the sheets attached here if you prefer to have a paper copy. 
As we look to the possibility of longer-term remote school (after March 27), please complete the survey at this link, so we can know how we can meet students' needs for access to devices and technology:   
A link in this survey also has information about a program running right now for free Internet in homes.  
In addition, the SEM mini-projects, if you are looking for more for your child to do, have them log on to their Clever account and access such programs as:

Benchmark Advance                                        

Utah Compose                                                            Zearn

Imagine Math                                                              Science A-Z

Imagine Learning                                                        Studies Weekly

Moby Max


In addition to the school programs above on Clever, Scholastic has made access free to all parents for the coming weeks.  It's not part of our school programs but could be an extra resource for you as families at home.


For a tutorial on Clever, click on the Canvas video below.  (the Clever info is specifically at time stamp 8:44, but you may want to review the entire video). 
In fact, as we move more and more to using Canvas (and if our closure extends past March 27, we will be using Canvas for all school work), you may want to watch the entire video and learn more about Canvas in preparation for the future.  Ascent has a parent Canvas resource page at:  
Additionally, if you need support with Clever or Canvas, you can email: 
Finally, please know that teachers are working hard and are concerned for their students and miss them and wish school was back in session.  Let's all do our part to help this pandemic pass as quickly as possible.  The pandemic will pass more quickly and be milder if we all truly practice social distancing.  It's counterproductive in stopping the spread if we cancel school, but then have large groups of kids out in public together.  Please keep your children home and don't host playdates.  Avoid public gathering places and groups or crowds.  We are all in this together...let's just not be hanging out together.  
Wade Glathar
Lead Director
Ascent Academies of Utah 

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