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Nutrition Services

 Ascent Families, 


 Welcome back to School! What a turn of events we have faced, with ever changing plans, (and I mean ever changing plans, draft 15 of the menu to begging with), we will open the doors of the kitchens, we have carefully prepared plans for how service will work. Does this mean the plan won't change? No, it will adjust, change and ever be changing. I will admit to you, this is the most stressful school opening that I have ever had. 


As we closed down for the summer break, the CNP leadership, along with the school leadership and let's be honest here, all of the teachers and pretty much everyone who works in education took a second to look around, take a deep breath and we went on, we enjoyed our summer, by planning, drawing plans and throwing them away the following week as things changed again. We have looked at dozens of ways to have the least impacts and keep things as normal as possible for our students. 


There are changes to how school meals will happen. I don't love all of what we have had to do, because, to be straight up, I love letting my student friends serve themselves and make those selections, however, there isn't currently an approved plan. I have asked, I have raised many suggestions and the very friendly health department folks that I have worked with have been kind with telling me, great idea, we don't have clearance to approve it. 


Our salad bar is now all bagged and cupped (unless it is in a peel) and students will make their selections and it will be handed to them by one of my team members, they will still select their main dish items but they will no longer be on hard trays, everything has to be on disposable trays and plastic ware. We will visit classrooms to have lunch there, we will see less of them for the time being, we will miss them in our lunch rooms, but it doesn't mean the food will be any less great.


 We still have our Dorito Chicken, our house made Pizza, our ranch, we still have menu items we have always had, we have new items as well and I am excited that we have created an in house Lasagna Roll that we will be making and serving. 


We are still meeting the requirements with our own twist, we still are making safe meals, hot foods will be hot and cold foods will be cold. We are still loving your kids and caring about your students. We will still get to know their names and watch them grow. We just hope to be able to see them in our space (lunch room) sooner than later. 


I wanted to let you know, we are here for your students, we love them, we care about them and we are feeding them Breakfast and Lunch. We are going to keep that as normal as possible. 


If you have elected for online learning, we will have curb side pick up for meals as well. We are here for ALL of our students, not just our brick and mortar students. We want you to come and pick up meals as well. Each school will have a different time and system for those meals as we have all worked together to make this happen. It will be an easy process, pull up during the window of time, give your name/student ID number and grab the meal and bring it home to heat and serve. 


As always, we are here, for our amazing students. We love what we do and are looking forward to making it through this very interesting time, until we can meet around the table again (without distance). 


Stay Safe


Chef Dave




**This institution is an equal opportunity provider**


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