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A Note From Chef Dave:

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Hello Ascent Families,

I am excited to share with you our Annual Recipe Contest! This year there is a twist. Given that this is now our fifth year as a program I wanted to mix things up and bring in something different. Over the years I have seen amazing recipes come in, however I believe this has attracted only a small group of our students. We have some astoundingly talented students in our schools and I feel we need a contest that will give the students the opportunity to reflect that. In addition to that, I wanted a contest that would take my love and passion for what happens in school foods and bring it to another level. As a result, I have found a company who is willing to catch my vision for this new contest and has decided to support it. With that, let me present our Wild Mike’s Contest.

Wild Mike’s contest details:

Grades K-2: Create your own pizza. What do you think is the best pizza ever? It could be pizza topped with pineapple, corn and baked with a splash of Coca-Cola. Whatever it is, create it, test it, and when you are super excited about it, write it out on an 8 x 11 piece of paper (or better yet type it so it is easy to read). Put your name on it and submit it to any of our amazing kitchen managers. A selection team will pick the top 5 at each school. You will then be invited to make your pizza again for the judges to win prizes.

Prizes for Grades K-2 are Gift Cards and Wild Mike’s Swag.

Grades 3 and up: This is where it gets a little crazier… We want you to create something that Wild Mike’s can use to market Wild Mike’s and their pizza. Create something to show your love of pizza!  Some Ideas could be a commercial, a music video, Swag, Slide Show, Ear Rings, a Paper Cutter, or even create a Pizza. Anything that you can create that is off the wall, creative, fun, and different that displays PIZZA. The sky is the limit!

All submissions will need to be turned in to any of the kitchen managers. Please make sure your name, grade, and school are on your submissions. I will pick them up from each campus and a selection team will choose the top 8 from each school. If you are in that top 8 you will have the opportunity to show case your creation to the panel of judges.

Prizes for Grades 3 and up: Cash Prizes for the top 5 places. In addition, the 1st place winner for each school and 2 adults will join the owner of Wild Mike’s for dinner to show off what they have created. They will also have the opportunity to hear about the story of Wild Mike’s. It is truly a remarkable evening and experience.

All recipes and submissions become property of Ascent Academies of Utah and Wild Mike’s

Any questions please send to Chef Dave at


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