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As we keep up with the demands of this COVID world, we are working as hard as we can, finding solutions each day to the items that come up. I wish for covid to end, however from what I have learned from this experience I wouldn’t give that up. 

Our team has pulled together, looked at what we do and how we can do it better. We have tried different things and it doesn’t all work the same at each school. It is interesting how things are. We are working towards the common goal of feeding students, with the waiver we currently have, we are able to feed students for breakfast and Lunch. In a normal time, this would be amazing, in this time, it is critical that we are doing everything we can. We understand that we make mistakes, we have rolled with each change, trying to improve. We want our students to love our food as much as we do. 

We have long worked to build a menu based on our student’s passions and love their favorites. This is why our menu is built the way it is. It is hard for us to have to shift the menu for the time being while we work through not being able to have all of the things we have become accustomed to while we make these changes. We long for the return of salad bars, all of our selections to return. 

You, our students and families are our focus. The team is working to make everything as normal as possible for you. We have built out curbside to help take away the stress of preparing meals at home for our online learners, we are trying to keep something normal for you. 

Our commitment hasn’t changed, we will work to deliver great food, even in foam boxes. We are still using the love, freshest and best that we can. We have not changed our menus, just the methods in how it gets to our students. Our passion is still there, Not your typical school lunch. 

Thank YOU, Thank YOU, for allowing us to serve your students. We value the trust you give us. 

Chef Dave and all of the CNP Team Members 




**This institution is an equal opportunity provider**


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