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new yearHello Ascent Families,
new year

Welcome to 2019! Time to start afresh, new ideas, goals, and excitement! In the kitchens we have been gearing up for this for a couple of months. We have been working with suppliers to get ready, ordering certain products, working out recipes, and making sure that they fit the requirements of the USDA. We have new items and some items we are bringing back. I am excited that we have been able to focus on our students culinary wants as we enhance the menu.

We have new items for our main line that will include Spaghetti, Sliders, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, and Taco Burgers. In addition, we have broken up some of the pairing options and dropped some less popular menu items to make room for the new ones. For breakfast, we are increasing our menu with new items such as a breakfast scramble and breakfast burgers. We also have to a couple more breakfast items that are still in the works. The Grab-n-Go line (in the schools that offer it) will now feature more salads. We have also refined the grab-n-go menu with items that we have found to be the most popular and requested. I continue to monitor the menus, and keep watching for ways that we can improve them.

As you may know, we have partnered with Wild Mike’s this year. After personally touring their plants and watching them make their pizza, I decided that they met my requirements to be something that we would serve. I however, love that we make our own pizza. It has been hard to go back and forth with the switching of the pizza. To clear confusion, I have established a set pizza schedule so we are all on the same page which will be as follows:

The first, third, and fifth Thursdays of the month- new yearAscent Made Pizza

the second and fourth Thursday- Wild Mike’s Pizza.

I hope you are as excited as I am for these new changes. As with all changes, we may come across some bumps in the road. We anticipate these and try to be ready for them. We will always work to do our best to work those bumps out. Should we have some issues in getting some new items, we may be subject to have some menu changes while we work out the new chain of supply.

We are also seeking to add some people to some of our teams! if you are looking to try something new
this year, we are seeking to add team members in the following kitchens:

Farmington: 1 Part Time Team Member
Wallace Stegner (Salt Lake City): 2 Part Time Team Members
Subs: 3 on Call for any of our 6 full service kitchens

If you have interest in joining please contact me at I have several plans for other changes coming. If you have interest in joining our team but the school you would most like to work at isn’t currently hiring, joining a team makes it easier to switch when there is an opening. We try to accomodate the needs of our team the best we can!

Chef Dave


**This institution is an equal opportunity provider**


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