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Ascent Students Thrive in 2021

In the Summer of 2020 Ascent Academies of Utah adopted the theme Thrive > Survive. With this theme in mind, our goal was to help our students “Thrive” through the pandemic and the unknowns of the coming school year. It has been an interesting year full of unique challenges and trials. But over and over again our students, faculty, and staff have shown just what it means to Thrive!


Mrs. Cecil’s West Jordan Art Class collaborated with Mrs. Bolman’s Music class and combined visual and musical art together. Students from each class created or composed an                interpretation of the artwork/music composition they received. Click on the picture to view their creations.

Mrs. Mott’s 5th grade class (Lehi)- Celebrated St. Patrick's day by creating and sharing lyrics. Humor and hard work are one way that our students have thrived through 20-21.

Mrs. Richardson 2nd Grade (Online) finished up the month of March with research about Landforms. They presented their research in their favorite expression style. We love seeing SEM in Action!

Mrs. McDonald First Grade (West Jordan) can’t be stopped! They will make you laugh and appreciate just how much creativity can be found in a room full of six-year-olds!

Mrs. Richardson’s 2nd Grade (Online) held an Author’s Chair event. Students could create a story of their own, illustrate it, and share it with the class. One amazing 2nd grader wrote a 20-page book with chapters and a table of contents. The book was all about a mission to Mars. 

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Our Jr. High Art Students' talent shines at Ascent. Walkthrough our Farmington or West Jordan campus or visit us at our Central Office to see the talent of our students on display. You can also visit our online Art Showcase by selecting this link.

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